Thoughts fickle as sand in the wind
Dance whilst eyes scan the horizon
The brain in a futile attempt tries to grasp infinity
In reality even the ocean in front of me can only be understood in knots and hours of flight

The come and go of waves
Being knocked over and over again
So much energy
So little to hold against

Another grain of sand
Memories of eons past
A dragon figure-head rocking up and down
Changing its background rhythmically

A gust of wind moves the sand
In summer my brain is on idle
It gently moves through stories
Be and let be
What else can you do?

It’s Muggy

It’s Muggy

The humidity clings to me
Like a cat saved from drowning

Air is holding her breath
Wind has hidden away
Only daring to gently tousle
The uppermost leaves of the tallest trees

Stillness, as midsummer approaches
The elements play peek-a-boo

The shortest night of the year
Dives through the whole length of golden light
She swims through the silence
Even the birds are quiet

Vertical blinds draw crooked stripes of light across the duvet
Glaring funnels of boogieing dust-specs bombard the room

The wind picks up now
Wood clangs against glass

The little cat purrs
Peaceful now



Sunshine is tumbling down
In rays through clouds
It falls on rolling hills
What a cliché!

It bounces of humble bumble bees
Tickles my skin and makes me sneeze

Sunshine rains from blue sky
In torrents onto the grass
It drums on green leaves
I am all pathos!

And yet it doesn’t reach my heart
Apart, apart, apart