A hidden she-abuser

A hidden she-abuser

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Expose her bile to one and all

Show the world her true face now
To hate and violence I won’t bow

Protect the minors’ sanity
Stop instantly her profanity

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Please do expose this brute to all

We suffer witnessing sadism and pain
She rapes and pillages for control and power gain

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Please expose the abuser to all

Please do
Make Her Fall!

A Proxy for War 02

Selling your Child

When Greed couldn’t find a way,
And her battle seemed lost,
Because the warrioress had teamed up with the fog monster,
She froze imovable in stale mate.

Her rage had fallen on fallow fields.
The first time her violence did not yield harvest.

But Greed’s strongest power broke free;
Smashed through the window of sanity.
‘If I sell my only son to the fog monster,
I can still win!’

And winning, power, control
Was all that mattered
‘If I sell my only son,
I will have won the battle!’

She rejoiced shouting on top of her lungs.
The soundwave of that scream smashed her daughter into smitherins.
The lifebelt thrown by the lion,
Fighting for the girls sanity,
Lay in shreds on the battlefield.

‘Will the girl ever know?’
The lion asked.
‘What will she know?’
The warriores wondered.
‘That showing love, that saving her sanity, meant I had to make her hate me?’
‘Will she ever know, how much I love her?’

The question reveberated in the fog.
Slowly silenced by heavy grey.
It never reached the girl.
She never knew.

‘But maybe, one day?’
The warrioress mused and send a prayer.