Sugar Coated Toes

These are variations of the same theme. Reef bleach of the house reef—Bandos Island in Maldives—was heartbreaking and I tried to express my sadness but also the joy of seeing all the life that still is there. So here it goes: Sugar Coated Toes Outtakes.


Sugar Coated Toes 01: Despair of a dying reef

My toes are sugar coated
With ground corpse of reef
The bleach process has killed most of it
In a vast landscape of dead white chalk
Three anemones cling on to life
Each of which houses a tiny family of clown fish
No it’s not funny
My heart breaks

Sugar Coated Toes 02: We pay with our future

The freight ship with three enormous cranes on top
Covers three quarters of length of the tiny island
More stuff no-body really needs
More dead reef
We pay much more than dollars for our needs
We pay with our future

Sugar Coated Toes 03: Life prevails

My toes are sugar coated
Sand gets every where
Life gets every where
Purple anemones with orange tentacles
Move with the currents of the waves
Bobbing in and out as I float above
A family of clown fish


Sugar Coated Toes 04: Happiness

Sugar coated toes
Ready to splash
In a turquoise cocktail
Palm tree umbrellas
And puffer fish ice cubes

Observing a very curious form of abuse

If a parent very blatantly and obviously manipulates one of the children out of the relationship with their father.

But lets the other child get on with it. A possibility: the other child is not so dependent on the mother, getting bonding and emotional stability from the father.

Only to be able to turn around and accuse the father of giving one child more than the other. All the while having done everything to break the child’s relationship with the father by acting as if the parent was the child’s ally, using communication patterns of a teenager, accusing the father of bullying when he tried to parent, and then crushing her child, letting her know her father rejected her, so she can be the saviour, playing pingpong with the child’s mental health.

Is this a very strange form of Münchhausen by proxy?

A Proxy for War 02

Selling your Child

When Greed couldn’t find a way,
And her battle seemed lost,
Because the warrioress had teamed up with the fog monster,
She froze imovable in stale mate.

Her rage had fallen on fallow fields.
The first time her violence did not yield harvest.

But Greed’s strongest power broke free;
Smashed through the window of sanity.
‘If I sell my only son to the fog monster,
I can still win!’

And winning, power, control
Was all that mattered
‘If I sell my only son,
I will have won the battle!’

She rejoiced shouting on top of her lungs.
The soundwave of that scream smashed her daughter into smitherins.
The lifebelt thrown by the lion,
Fighting for the girls sanity,
Lay in shreds on the battlefield.

‘Will the girl ever know?’
The lion asked.
‘What will she know?’
The warriores wondered.
‘That showing love, that saving her sanity, meant I had to make her hate me?’
‘Will she ever know, how much I love her?’

The question reveberated in the fog.
Slowly silenced by heavy grey.
It never reached the girl.
She never knew.

‘But maybe, one day?’
The warrioress mused and send a prayer.